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First Blog in WordPress September 15, 2008

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Woah. This is my first-ever “real” blog here in WordPress. Anyway, i’m just gonna share my day. Let’s begin.

I had my exam in cs150 earlier. As usual, i know nothing. I am studying each topic and answering an item simultaneously. I’m grateful that i have answered 2 questions. Lol. I wonder what my grade will be in this subject? This is supposed to be one of the most important subjects for me but it’s at the bottom of my priority list. I’ve been so focused with my organization that I sometimes forget that i am a student first before i became an officer. And the sad thing is, my efforts are not appreciated. I don’t know. I’ve sacrificed a lot. My grades. my sleep. my money. And yet, it seems that it’s all not worth it. Perhaps i’ve been so overwhelmed by everything that i didn’t notice my environment changing. Everyone seems to be focused with their acads. And me? ha! ASA. This is a wake-up call. At the end of the day, i must realize that i go to up to study. not to work in kumon. not to mingle with friends. and lastly, not to serve my organization. my focus is my acads. all other things are just “add-ons”.