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My Laptop – when will you be my mine? October 8, 2008

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I’ve been wanting a laptop ever since I entered college. Not because I envy some of my friends, nor because I want to have what’s “in”. I want it because I need it. I’m a computer science student anyway. And I know that desktop alone is not enough.

Yeah, yeah. I know that I should be thankful because we have a computer and a dsl connection. 521 kbps to be exact. But let’s be realistic here. I need a portable pc. I waste almost 30% of my time doing nothing. SImply because I have long vacant hours. If I have a laptop, I could have done something more acad-related. I could have practiced programming. Or I could have read one of those pdf books. But the thing is, I don’t.

I can’t ask my mother to buy me one because I know that she can’t. She’s already having a hard time balancing all our expenses, how much more if I ask for a laptop? I just can’t ask her that.

Save for it? I’ve tried. Oh yes, several times. But I always end up spending my savings for other stuffs. Some “emergencies” always happen. My desktop crashed, my monitor gave up on me, my mother needs money, and many more. But here I am again, starting from scratch. Saving all my money. From my allowance, to my coins, guess I got to save it all. For my laptop. My ultimate goal.

Will i ever buy a laptop? I hope so. Because I need it. I need it soon.



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